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Osho Mani center for arts and meditation

Pyari’s groups  based on  Osho’s meditations  were already  being offered  since 1980, when she opened the first  Osho meditation  center in  Rio  de  Janeiro  (the  Shunnyan Institute), right after taking sannyas - which means becoming a disciple.

In 1982 she went with her two small children to S.Francisco,  in order to  live near  the Master, „worked“ in  Rajneeshpuram,  Osho’s international commune in Oregon where He  lived  at  the time,  came  to  Germany  in  august  to join  the  Sneha,  a  sannyas commune  in  Bavaria  and  in  december,  at the Mukta RMC,  the  Osho  commune in Stuttgart, where she was then leading "her" work-shop „Carnival in the stars”, she met Sw. Anand Avinash, with whom she lives up to now.

Since  then, the  Osho Mani  has  been  internationaly offering courses on meditation - including at Universities -, art expositions, concerts,  dance  and theater performances,readings,besides Pyari’s workshops on Corpoterapia©,

Tantra Yoga,  Natural Healing, Macrobiotic Vegetarian Culinary, tantric Shiatsu Massage, dance and theater.

The Osho Mani has functioned in Hamburg till 1998, then it moved to Bavaria for  two years, came back to Hamburg and in 2003 it  moved  to  Seevetal,  30  km  south  of Hamburg.

At  the  moment,  Ma Deva Pyari and Sw. Anand Avinash are ready for a  new change:

they are looking for a new location for „their“ baby, the Osho Mani - their connection to "their" spiritual master Osho.

They  are  also available for work-shops at any place around the world, as well  as  for performances,  music  shows,  readings  and  art expositions  anywhere  else  on  this


In 1985 Pyari and Avinash joined the Osho’s International commune again. Pyari’s kids went  to  the Rajneesh School  in  England  and  they  were sent  to Hamburg, north of Germany. When Osho  was arrested, the  commune  fell apart  and Osho went back to India later on. Pyari and Avinash opened then the “Lotus Paradise” in Hamburg.

For getting in contact with the Osho Mani, write to:


The  Osho Mani  was  born  in 1986,  on  the  23rd of September,  when  the spiritual Master whom we call Osho signed a letter in Pune, transforming  what at  the time was being called „Lotus Paradise“ into one of “His” meditation centers. The „Lotus Paradise“ was organizing Ma Deva Pyari’s work-shops and individual sessions on body awareness and creativity.

Upon receiving this letter from Hasya, Osho’s secretary at the time, Ma Deva Pyari and Sw. Anand Avinash were taken by surprise but were delighted to be „working“ again  in Osho’s name.