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Corpoterapia© (copyrights: Ma Deva Pyari)



Astrology emphasizes the body as a microcosmos refleting the macrocosmos and sees individuals as a composition of all signs. Accordingly, each part and organ of the body is conducted by an astrological sign, which means that these parts or organs carry the characteristics - positive or negative - of the specific sign that rules them.


Working with astrology since 1971, in individual sessions, lectures, courses, radio programs, books, articles for newspapers and magazines, Ma Deva Pyari has soon noticed that clients’, students’ or listeners’ symptoms, problems or doubts “needed” also to be healed. They were claiming a solution. So, she started to research, experimenting on herself, on people that approached her, on clients, students and friends. And the result has been the book “Astrologia Esotérica” (esoteric astrology), which was written in 1978 and later published by the “Editora Ground”. Deva Pyari had thus developed the theory. But the praxis was missing.


Hence, in 1980, when she opened the first Osho meditation center in Rio de Janeiro, she immediately created the “Corpoterapia”©, a body awareness process, that works practically with the healing through astrology concept - which she had developed and exposed in this last book published in Brazil in 1982.

The “Corpoterapia”© consists therefore of a combination of body-work techniques from many different sources, including the art scene (Amir Haddad`s theatre, Joe Shalders’ body expression, Isadora Duncan`s dance and the happenings from Yoko Ono); of Shiatsu Massage (excellent tool for unblocking and releasing tensions); of Tantra and of Osho’s meditation techniques.

Pyari had also inferred that in a group the possibilities for “healing“ are the best, besides the conditions for creating an atmosphere of happiness and joy being greater when people relate. During individual “work” this is always more difficult, as people quicker tend to identify themselves with “their” problems, considering them then as “theirs”. The danger to take problems personally is much bigger in an individual session.


So, the process is structured in this way: when we impart that each part and organ of the body is ruled by an astrological sign, knowing which kind of energy this sign is responsible for, we will know which existential dimension is there to be expressed through these organs and parts of the body.

An example: the sign of Gemini rules the arms, shoulders, lungs and the respiratory system in general. In the psychic dimension it rules communication and movement. Thus, if a person “has” pain in the arms or shoulders, bursitis, cramps on these regions, or if there has been a fracture in the bones of these parts, or if the person suffers from any disease of the respiratory system, as these members and organs are ruled by Gemini, the person will be “having” difficulties in relating or in moving – or some other disturbance related to this dimension.

Besides that, more can be said if it’s known in which astrological house the sign of Gemini is on the person`s chart and also on where the person “has” the Mercury - the planet which rules Gemini -, as for example, in which area of the person’s life these problems are to be looked for or come from or where they get even more complicated.

If someone, for example, “has” Gemini on the seventh House, which is the place where we read about his or her marriages and partners, then his or her “problems” of communication and movement shall be looked for in this dimension of life: partnerships. And when Mercury for example is situated in the ninth House - which indicates our ideals, masters and long journeys -, conflicts about relating and moving would have been caused by these issues.

In order to determine more accurately any other causes, of major or minor importance, we may still observe the aspects made by Mercury with other planets – and thus also the “necessary” healing procedures.


Hence, if you see each part of the body being ruled by a sign, “working” on this part with massage, dancing with it, shaking it, we will unblock it, make it lighter and more alive. Each sign requires also different kinds of music or rhythms for that kind of energy which we want to move, and this is of course taken care of and provided. And besides the body-work, there are exercises for “working” with the psychic or existential dimension related to that part of the body.

When the “Corpoterapia”© wants for example to explore the sign of Gemini, it offers exercises which provide situations for one to explore communication, the capacity of moving and of overcoming stagnation in all directions.


The process develops itself in complementary steps, as exposed below, but nobody gets busy with knowing it or with when one will “work” with “his” or “her” sing, moreover for what we call “our sign” is only “our ego’s sign”, and therefore, what “has” to be quicker abandoned - or integrated, as said in holistic therapeutic language. In fact problems don’t get much attention and so they “can” be “solved” in a much easier way.

Still, if during the process someone comes in contact with something “more serious” and difficult to be tacked, there is always the possibility of an individual session later on, when the “problem” can be then deeper taken cared of.



The process


The following chart shows the six steps in which the process develops itself: 


1st session:                                                                             

                     Aries                                                                   x  Libra

                     the head and the brain                                       x  the buttocks and the kidneys    

                     ideas, imagination, adventures and iniciative    partnerships, arts and love                                                                                                                                                                                                             


2nd session:                                                                           

                      Leo                                                                x  Aquarius

                      the back, the column and the heart              x  the legs and the blood circulation     

                      the individual and the process of creating   x  science, friends, the community and the rebel 


3rd session:                                                                                          

                     Sagitarius                                                                     x  Gemini

                     the hips, thighs and liver                                             x  theshoulders, arms, lungs and the respiratory system       

                     the ideals, Masters, long journeys and enlightment   x  communication,  movement, expression and theater                       


4rd session:                                                                                                               

                     Taurus                                                                              x   Scorpion:

                     the neck and the throat                                                   x  the sexual organs and the bladder

                     the roots, sensitivity and the perception of the world   x  sex, death, crises and money


5th session:                                                        

                     Capricornus                                x   Cancer 

                     knees, joints and the skeleton   x  chest, breasts and the stomach  

                     meditation and silence               x   motherhood, feelings, moods and emotions



6th session:                                                                                            

                     Virgo                                                                               x   Pisces

                     the belly, hands and intestines                                      x  the feet and the glands

                     rationalization, analysis, magic, massage and dance   x  alcohol, drugs, the dissolution of the ego and music





The Corpoterapia© requires:


1. a big space, where people may dance and move freely 

2. sound equipment (if possible, for CD, tapes and MP3)

3. privacy, where we may hear loud music, scream, cry, weep, laugh and experience the  

    process without being disturbed

4. if possible, blankets and meditation cushions (or participants shall be asked to bring

    their own)

5. in case of weekend workshops: kitchen and proper material for preparing meals

    (vegetarian and macrobiotic)



                                                           FORMS OF “WORKING”


The Corpoterapia© may be experienced in different ways:


1. each complementary session will be offered in one evening or in one whole day of the

    week. In this case, the process lasts six weeks.  

2. each complementary session is explored in 6 following evenings or whole days and so

    the process lasts 6 days.

3. two complementary sessions are experienced in one week-end and may be residential,

     which brings always better results. The duration of the process is then of three


4. each session is offered in a whole weekend and may be or not residential.

5. the whole process - the six sessions - is given in a weekend.

6. the “Crystal Man“© is a condensed form of the Corpoterapia©. It’s given in a couple

    of hours or in a day.

7. and “The Watcher“© is a two hours dancing meditation, based on the Corpoterapia©.



Naturally, the more time there is for experiencing each session, deeper the process will be. 


In case of residential workshops, meals will be vegetarian and macrobiotic, cooked by Ma Deva Pyari or by her assistant Sw. Anand Avinash.


For those who get interested (and are prepared for going deeper), there is the possibility of a Neo-Tantra workshop, for a whole weekend and which must be residential. But it’s not necessary that participants have taken part on the Corpoterapia©.










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